The History of Vending Machines

Here at planet games, we take our toy vending machine business seriously. We consider the evolution of such vending machines very intriguing. Whilst we believe that vending machines are a great way..
Planet Games
29th May 2018

It is a slime world

A popular toy product that kids nowadays love is Slime. Planet games sell a variety of slime toys offering children the chance to play exciting and fun games (see our toy capsules page).
Planet Games
14th May 2018

Jurassic world – Fallen Kingdom

After yielding $1.6 billion earnings in the box office, a sequel to this summer's block buster Jurassic World was always going to be certain. This American science fiction adventure film is directed by J. A. Bayona.
Planet Games
30th April 2018

The story of toys

Toys can influence a child's senses, trigger their imaginations and inspire them to cooperate with others. As they grow up, toddlers can use toys to develop reasoning and discover cause and effect associations.
Planet Games
16th April 2018

Toy Safety in the EU

Toys contribute to child development and play a vital role of growing up. Nevertheless, toys must be safe for children to play with. Making sure that toys sold in the EU do not put children in danger is essential.
Planet Games
9th April 2018

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