Planet Games also sells bouncing balls of different sizes (32mm, 45mm and 65mm). These balls follow all CE safety standards and are appropriate for children ages 4 years and above. We consider bouncing balls as a highly profitable item because of its usage abilities. Children make a collection of the various models while at the same time play with them. They can bounce them, stretch them and throw them!

A bouncy ball is made out of polybutadiene rubber which bounces uniformly to the degree of power used when thrown at a hard surface (floor, wall etc.). Our bouncy balls can spring up to three floors high when thrown at the ground (10 meters). The bouncy ball was originally produced in 1966 by California chemist Norman Stingley. In 1965, Stingley experimented with rubber. He crushed different leftovers of synthetic rubber using 3500 pounds of weight. The result was a dense rubber ball with extreme flexibility and high bounce.

Our 32mm bouncing balls can be sold via a beaver stand or a mini pinball machine. They come in bulk and can be easily used as a low cost/purchase item. They are usually sold as a 50c item and attract all types of customers to buy them. They are supplied in various colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, white etc. Many times, a bouncing ball may contain a mixture of these colours in order to catch the attention of the eye as well as increase the feeling of curiosity. Children make collections of the various designs and/or exchange them with their friends.

Our 45mm bouncing balls are a little bit bigger in size and can be sold via toy vending machines. Most times, these come in the form of sports balls such as a football, basketball, volleyball, baseball etc. Children buy these bouncing balls because they remind them of athletics. Many people use them to exercise their hands and speed of responses. Due to their smooth and rubbery texture, they may also be used as stress relievers. They come in different colours/designs can be sold as a 1 euro/pound item. Children make collections and they also use them as a decorative item in their sportsrooms/bedrooms.

Our 65mm bouncing balls can also be sold via a toy vending machine. Due to the size of the ball, one needs to adjust the size of the cylinder to properly dispense out the ball. Our bouncing balls in this category are heavier and larger in size. Even though the bouncing strength is lower compared to 32mm and 45mm bouncing balls, they have extraordinary features which greatly attract the attention of people. Our 65mm bouncing balls contain water inside as well as a toy (eye, fish, face, ring etc.)! When one throws them on the ground they start to flash. This raises the attention of the player making the overall experience fun and memorable. This item can be sold for 2 euro/pounds and one can make collections of the different colors and designs.