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Our company has been successfully selling toys for over 20 years, striving to offer children the best quality toys in the market. Our aim is to make children happy, while at the same time stimulate their interest and awareness. Our toys are carefully selected so as to help them trigger their curiosity as well as increase their creativity. We specialize on a variety of 32mm, 55mm and 65mm toys. Our toys are CE approved and adhere to all safety standards.

We believe that the types of toys people play with since their childhood will highly contribute to how they will behave, think and interact in society. Our toys can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes. The objective of our toy capsules is for children to learn physically, psychologically and emotionally to interact with shapes, figures and forms. By using their hands and fingers to play with the toy they are able to tangibly sense how hard/soft an object is. This way, they learn to associate with various surfaces and textures. They are in a position to build muscle in their hands, thus strengthening their grip and confidence.

Our toys can also contribute in the psychological construction of children’s personality. More specifically, children increase their awareness about the way our toys are played. They expand their cognitive powers by learning how an object moves, tangles, sticks, grabs, grows, pops, jumps, makes noises, bends, spins, lights, wobbles, flies etc. These are important mental processes which positively contribute to ones building of character in society.

Furthermore, our toys can assist children construct their emotions. By playing with the toy, they experience a number of feelings which will help them live a self-confident life. Our toys will bring out feelings of happiness, pleasure, delight, cheerfulness, joy and contentment. Hence, children build emotional intelligence in an affirmative way.

The quality of the toys sold inside the capsules will play a significant role in the profit of your business. Each and every toy we offer to our customers has been carefully tested in advance. For over 20 years, we have been operating 100+ machines. Since then, we have sold millions of toys. Our experience in the field has helped us gain knowledge in the selection of toys. We are now experts in assessing which toys will be bestsellers.

We test the selling power of all toys in our vending machines prior to selling them to customers. We only choose to sell those toys which will attract the attention of children. Therefore, the risk of buying toys which will not sell is very much reduced. Moreover, we seriously take into account the culture of various countries. We acknowledge that the interests of children might differ from country to country. Hence, the toys that we select to market are chosen for according to worldwide lifestyles. We take into consideration nationality differences and avoid any sort of race or gender discrimination.

Taking these factors into account we aim to offer toys that continuously strive to improve the life of children in society!

View one of our exciting videos showing some of our unique capsule toys! Remove the doh and unravel our surprise toys. All toys are sold by planetgames.eu. Children love our toys sold in capsules. They are fun, interesting and entertaining to play with. Subscribe on our YouTube channel today!

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