Our toys excite, inspire and make a difference in the life of children. Our goal is to make children happy and stimulate their learning experiences so as do contribute positively to their emotional growth.

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Increase the income of your business by installing our amusement games on your premises. We have a variety of exciting games available in excellent working condition. More than 100 companies trust our impeccable service. Free installation, no costs for your business.


The Dinosaur Park

If you find yourself between the sharp teeth of a dinosaur you will always smile, especially if these teeth belong to Mr. T-rex or Mrs. Velociraptor! Visit our dinosaur Park today and enjoy an exciting and fun day with your children in our natural surroundings. Special offers on birthday parties.

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The story of toys

Toys can influence a child's senses, trigger their imaginations and inspire them to cooperate with others. As they grow up, toddlers can use toys to develop reasoning and discover cause and effect associations.

Toy Safety in the EU

Toys contribute to child development and play a vital role of growing up. Nevertheless, toys must be safe for children to play with. Making sure that toys sold in the EU do not put children in danger is essential.

The significance of toys in the life of children

Toys play a significant part in the life of children. Choosing the correct toy(s) is very important. Toys are to be chosen according to age, because we have to be cautious that toys do not hurt children. A child should understand how the toy is…