Planet Games also sells temporary tattoos for both girls and boys. These tattoos are 100% safe from allergies caused on the skin or other parts of the body. They pass all tests and adhere to all CE safety standards.

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian “tatu” which means “to mark something.” Tattooing has existed since 12,000 years BC. Throughout history tattoos have signified membership in a clan or society. They have traditionally been considered as a form of expressing beauty and communication. Since the ancient times, different tribes (Incas) and civilizations (Egyptians) have used a variety of methods to draw designs on their bodies to express a story, memory or exhibit their beauty, mental and physical strength. Warriors, fighters, kings, princesses, queens, royalties and members of groups have drawn tattoos to show their feelings about a specific event or happening. More specifically, tattoos formed a means to express emotions of happiness, sadness or even devotion to something or someone. They are used for decorative purposes as well as symbolic meaning.

The designs of our readymade tattoos are chosen according to the fashions and trends in society. Boys/girls simply remove the protective transparent film on top of the tattoo, turn the paper down to the side of the tattoo, place it on their skin area of the bodies (hands, arms, back, legs, check etc.), use a towel to wet the tattoo, press/hold the paper down on the skin area for 30-40 seconds and then slowly slide the paper away by revealing the tattoo! Tattoos can last between 4-7 days depending on its exposure to water, sun and humidity. If someone wants to remove the tattoo, he/she can simply wash it off with hand soap/liquid.

Tattoos sold in capsules or in tattoo vending machines sell very well in all parts of the world. They particularly sell well during good weather seasons (spring and summer) because children wear short sleeve clothes. They are able to show them off to their friends and public. For businesses, they can provide additional entertainment for children whilst at the same time give them the opportunity to sell something different to their customers.

Tattoos can be sold in capsules via a toy vending machine or in the form flat tattoos via a tattoo machine. Any one of the two methods can contribute significantly to the growth of revenue and increase of profit. Operators usually place a tattoo vending machine next to a toy vending machine.

We highly recommend businesses to add temporary tattoos in their line of children’s entertainment as they can help them earn more money. A wider selection of children related items can increase the chances of yielding higher earnings. They sell well in all places which attract children between the ages of 3-12 years old. Sometimes, however, adults of higher ages also purchase them as a trendy and fashionable item. It is estimated that tattoos can yield from 100 to 2000 euros/pounds per month depending on the type, size and foot flow of the venue. Please contact us to find out how!