about planet gamesOur toy vending machines can be placed in your venue for Free. Your company will not incur any costs. The machine operates without electricity and we carry out the service without any charge. The size of the machine is very small and takes up very limited space (60 cm width, 30 cm depth, 1.30 cm height). At the end of each month, we will provide your company with a commission on the earnings. Moreover, we contribute to society by giving back to children. Part of our yearly takings are donated to children’s charity.

We place our machines in venues attracting families with children such as restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops, bars, hotels, parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.

Why place one of our toy vending machines in your venue?

  • Additional profit for your business
  • No electricity
  • No costs
  • No maintenance
  • Additional entertainment for children
  • Easy operation
  • Fast technical support
  • Limited space needed

Toy vending machines can be an excellent means of earning profit. Depending on the size, type and foot flow of your establishment, profit may range from 100 euro/pounds to 2000 euro/pounds per month. Our machines are ergonomically designed to move anywhere in a room. The wheels at the bottom of the base allow the user to push the machine wherever it is convenient. It can be placed in a corner, close to a wall or even outside the shop as long as there is shelter on top (secure from rain and dust). The wheels have stoppers, thus it will not move in case someone pulls or pushes it by force.

Our toy vending machines have been painted in a yellow and light blue colour for a variety of reasons. Since we are dealing with toys, bright, lively and cheerful colours will capture the attention of children. The machine is visible from a distance and people distinguish it when they see it. Moreover, these colours do not get dirty easily, thus the venue will not have to clean the machine on a regular basis. The appearance of our machines increases the possibilities of buying our toys.

The safety of our customers as well as the environment is our number one priority. Our toy vending machines are produced from secure plastic and metal materials, taking into account environmental safety issues. We care about the wellbeing of our customers. We ensure that we have all the CE certificates necessary for all our products. Our service and maintenance employees ensure that all CE safety labels are placed on the machines, notifying them about the various risks. We warn people that because of small parts, all toys sold in capsules are for children above the age of 3 years old.

Present toy vending machines such as the ones offered for free by our company rarely have problems. In case someone inserts the incorrect coin in the slot, it will mechanically drop in the coin box, thus clearing the slot for the next user. A reason why more than 200 businesses trust us our machines is the immaculate service we deliver. If someone reports a problem we respond to the problem within 48 hours. Our job as an operator is to be as unobtrusive as possible. We avoid troubling the business environment in the venue. We try to do our work as discreetly as possible without disturbing the customers of the property. Servicing usually takes place once/twice a month for 20-30 minutes.

Our machines have 4 toy boxes. Each box contains a different toy collection. The toy collections are made visible through the front colored displays. This way, children can choose the 4 toy collections they are intrigued by. 3 of the toy collections normally cost 1 euro/pound, 1 toy collection generally costs 2 pounds. Children buying toys from our machines are fascinated by all 4 types of our collections. They cannot wait until they buy them all. Call us to find out why!