Do you own a small shop or any size shop which doesn’t have much space inside? No problem…

Our Toy vending machines can be placed both inside or outside your property. They can be easily moved outside when you open the shop during the day and then placed inside when you close at night (just 12kg weight). They are waterproof and resilient enough to withstand the rainy weather conditions of the UK. They do not required significant maintenance and our professional technicians are ready to assist you in case of need.

By placing our machines outside, you are able to save space inside your shop while at the same time attracting customers who are walking outside your venue. Our machines are cleaned on a regular basis, therefore attracting the attention of children ages 3-12 years old. Our incredible toy capsules change over time to keep the interest of children. Our toy collections have been carefully selected so as to be in accordance with the trends in the market and to offer something unique to our young customers.

Since our machines will be outside, we will provide you with a hook and a strong chain to secure during the day. This way, they will be kept safe from potential theft. Our primary aim is to keep them safe whilst enjoying the benefits of saving inside shop space and attracting more footfall.

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