Planet games has been specializing in the area of children’s vending machines for over 20 years. We consider vending machines as a unique and classic form of business as it has substantially evolved through the years. The first vending machines developed were made out of wood and some metal. We have elaborated on this in one of our previous blogs Nevertheless, in the past, these machines offered something exceptional to customers as it was something new and limited in its producibility. Therefore, it launched a novel way of selling which later on grew to become a huge industry in almost all countries around the world.

Nowadays, children’s vending machines such as toy capsule, candy, tattoo, lollipop and bouncy ball machines have taken a new colorful look. However, they preserved some of their exciting and engaging characteristics. For example, children can still insert their coin in the slot, turn the knob and get their product. Nonetheless, this process is currently easier, more exciting and fun. In many cases, music and sounds have been added on the machines creating a more interactive and memorable playing experience. Businesses can also gain so many benefits from installing one of our vending machines on their premises. For example, we can install our toy vending machines for free on their premises and give them a commission on the sales of out toys every month. No electricity, no costs. Free delivery, free installation. Contact us 24/7 to book your free toy vending machine.

In the future, we believe, children’s vending machines will become even more sophisticated aiming to capture the attention of young customers by offering them something exceptional. The objective will be to use higher tech interaction with the children as well as dispensing more exclusive products as toys, candies, gifts and presents. Perhaps, the shape, smell and sizes of these goods will be diverse in order to meet the needs of more demanding young customers.

Whatever the change, we at Planet games will be ready to offer people the most sophisticated products in the market without losing the touch of classic forms of operating which have made us unique.

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