A popular toy product that kids nowadays love is Slime. Planet games sell a variety of slime toys offering children the chance to play exciting and fun games (see our toy capsules page). We offer slime which come with different types of insects, slime in a variety of beverage tins and slime which bounces with bugs inside them. These types of toys are considered as bestsellers because children like to play with them.

Slime is also called GAK or Flubber. This product was initially created by Mattel toys in 1976. As the name suggests, it was created to be disgusting with a glossy green colour and cold slimy feel to it. Slime is usually sold in plastic cans. This keeps them from drying out. Children love to play with it. One can pretend that it is “nose snot” or “vomit”. He/she can use slime to carry out a variety of fun pranks. Kids can play with slime in their hands by wiggling them between their fingers and see them stick to windows, tables and the floor. 

Slime is a Non-Newtonian fluid. This means that it can be used as a solid as well as a liquid. The well-known scientist Issac Newton stated that fixed liquids, like water, are simply influenced by temperature and pressure. If something disrupts this rule and goes in contradiction of what Newton said, we call it Non-Newtonian. Slime does not follow Newtons fluid law. Additional renowned toys with this characteristics include Silly Putty and Play-Doh which were previously created and is considered as an early ancestor to slime.

The original slime recipe sold by Mattel was made from guar gum, which is a common food additive that comes from guar beans. These beans are utilized to condense things, like milk shakes and frappuccinos, diversified with borax. Borax is a white processed material that simply liquefies in water.

One of the objectives of the new product releases was to make it even more revolting, such as adding fake worms, insects and even eyeballs to the mix. There are limitless YouTube videos with millions of views on them showing people playing with slime and even ways to make their own DIY slime at home. DIY slime takes time to make and requires extensive effort. Therefore, buying readymade slime such as the ones sold by planet games is the most ideal.

Slime is considered to be non-hazardous. However, it should never be eaten and only used as it is proposed. They should only be used for playing. After playing, we suggest washing your hands with soap liquid to rinse away any leftover slime. We also provide safer versions of slime that do not use borax, such as ones made just from cornstarch. We suggest using this version if you have any safety concerns.

As new slime products surface, we always aim to offer children the best quality of such toys. Keep checking our website for novel slime ideas. Who knows, perhaps in the near future slime can change form and shape such as a slime car or a slime doll…

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