Vending machines have been around for decades. Since the start of this incredible adventure, vending machines have taken many forms, shapes and colours. As the use of plastic was difficult in the past, metal was the main material utilized to build them. Various products were sold via these vending machines such as gumballs, candy, nuts, small toys etc. Retro vending machines are nowadays placed on walls for decoration purposes in museums, coffee shops and restaurants. They contribute to the aesthetics and ambience of the venue.

Our toy vending machines are based on the concept of retro vending. The aim of our machines are to sell quality, unique and interesting toys at a low price. Metal has been substituted by durable plastic. More colorful paintwork is used to attract children. Children insert their coin, turn the knob and the ball dispenses out. Toys are sold in capsules, making the buying experience an exciting one. We make toys affordable to all children of different cultures and beliefs. We seriously take into account discrimination and environmental protection.

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