The Dinosaur park is now closed for the winter season! Mr. T-Rex and Mrs. Velociraptor will be waiting for you again in June 2021 with new and exciting surprises!

Our park is taking all the disinfecting actions necessary against Covid-19 as set by the government protocols.

Our park is currently the #1 park in Pafos, Cyprus attracting more than 15,000 visitors in its 3 year operation. This year, 2 new inflatables have been added in order to offers children more playing options. One of the bouncing inflatables has a sorcerer/dragon theme. This inflatable is suitable for children above 5 years old. It is made up of a bouncing up-down area as well as a slide. The second inflatable is a small bouncer suitable for younger children ages 2-6 years old. It contains a bouncing area, ball pond area and a small slide. Both inflatables are exciting and offer unforgettable fun to children.

Part of our renovation included the changing of most of the artificial grass on the ground, thus, providing extra protection to children. Before opening, we have reviewed all the safety standards of the park ensuring that all electronic and non-electronic fixtures are safely and securely fitted.

One of the new features installed includes the spectacular lighted sign of a T-rex dinosaur. When this sign is lighted during the night, it creates a spectacular image attracting people to visit our park. Bob the inflatable man also adds to the overall appearance, making the park even more attractive.

The dinosaur park attracts visitors living in Cyprus as well as tourists coming one holiday. It offers an exciting day out for families with children. Visitors can spend the whole day playing and having fun on the various indoor and outdoor games. Why close children in a room when they can play outside our park in the natural surroundings? Our park is surrounded by olive, lemon and other trees making the setting a beautiful one.

Moreover, people can have their birthday parties in an open area. They can bring their own food and drinks, hence significantly reducing their costs. Alternatively, they can purchase their food and beverages from the pizza restaurant located next to our park. Kindergarten and primary schools can bring students for a day visit, thus breaking their everyday study routine. Teachers can drinking their tea/coffee, while students can spend hours having fun.

Our aim is to offer an unforgettable playing experience to children. We try to build a unique and clean environment for people so as to get away from the monotony of everyday life. We very seriously take into account the safety of our customers by offering them a secure and comfortable environment. We strive to bring something new every year by keeping ourselves up to date with children’s needs. We continuously attend shows and read on-line news in order to learn about new and exciting ideas on improving our park.

The park opens everyday including weekends from 17:00-23:00. You can find us on the Chloraka-Coral bay road (Pafos), across Laura hotel and next to pepperoni pizza. You may learn more about our park by visiting our facebook page:

We look forward to welcoming you. Mr-T-rex and Mrs. Velociraptor are waiting for you!

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