Toy vending machines could be considered as the easiest way to earn money. If you have a shop, restaurant, pub, supermarket or other you can simply allocate minimal space to install a mechanical toy vending machine. Space that is believed to be useless can actually prove to be very profitable when installing a toy vending machine.

The importance of servicing toy vending machinesMost of the times, these type of machines do not bother anybody and contribute to filling up space in the property. Depending on the size and foot flow of children in a property, one can earn as much as 100 euros/pounds to 2000 euros/pounds per month!

Modern toy vending machines such as the ones provided by rarely have problems. In case someone inserts the wrong coin in the slot, it will automatically drop in the coin box, thus clearing the coin slot for the next user. A reason why more than 100 businesses trust us our machines is the impeccable service we provide.

Service takes place at the end of each month. If someone, however, reports a problem earlier we respond to the problem within 48 hours. Our job as an operator is to be as discreet as possible. We avoid disturbing the business environment of the property. We try to do our work as quietly as possible without troubling the customers of the enterprise. Servicing usually takes 20-30 minutes. We follow a specific refill, service and maintenance procedure:

  1. Our service personnel politely greet the person in charge of the venue. We tell him/her about the reason of our visit (refill, service, maintenance).
  2. We open the 4 front covers using the keys of the machine.
  3. We refill each of the boxes with the appropriate model of toy. We check each model of toys carefully so that we don’t mix them up. We use a spreadsheet to write how many toys of each model we put in every box.
  4. We refill up to ¾ of the box. We leave some breathable space on top of each box so that the capsules do not jam. Around 3cm clear space.
  5. We close the front 4 covers using the of the machine.
  6. We make sure that we close the covers well. Sometimes, they tend to open
  7. We turn all the handles of the coin mechanisms left and right to make sure nothing is blocked inside them. Children tend to put toothpicks, other coins, wooden and metal objects inside the coin holes.
  8. We check whether all the “1 pound” and “2 pound” stickers are visible and in good condition
  9. We clean the machine using a damp cloth. Cleaning is very important to the sales process. A clean machine looks nice and attracts the potential customer to buy the toy.
  10. If there is too much dirt or oil on the machine, we use some water or window cleaner to remove the stains
  11. When finished, we politely, say goodbye to the person in charge of the venue. We tell him/her that if he/she needs something to call the number on the sticker situated on the side of the machine.

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