Toy vending machines have been around for many years. These machines brought about a novel way of selling. Whilst manufacturers introduced a great way to increase profit, they also offered an excellent means of attracting young customers. As years progressed, factories producing toy vending machines improved their operational capabilities. Nowadays, they are sold or rented in different colours and sizes. Children choose their toy collection, insert a coin of 1 pound/1 euro in the slot, turn the coin mechanism knob and the toy comes out the dispenser hole.

Toy vending machines such as the ones our company supplies, offer many advantages to businesses: Particularly, they help increase revenue without investing any money. They offer additional profit to your business as well as additional entertainment for children. Your shop does not incur any electricity or other costs. They can be easily operated and limited space is needed. For example, if you have a convenience store, food and wine shop, restaurant, pub, supermarket, playground, park or other you can merely allocate a few centimeters of space to install one of our machines. Unoccupied space can serve as a great way to upsurge profit. Space in shops that is believed to be useless can in actual fact prove to be very profitable when installing one of our machines.

Essentially, toy vending machines do not get in the way of anybody and help fill up unused space in the property. Depending on the size and number of children visiting a shop, one can earn as much as 100 euros/pounds to 2000 euros/pounds per month! We install our machines for free and give a commission on the sales of our toys every month. No electricity, no costs. Free delivery and installation. Moreover, we contribute to society by giving back to children. Part of our yearly takings are donated to children’s charity.

The toys sold in our toy vending machines are carefully selected to inspire and make a difference in the life of children. The goal of our company is to make children happy and stimulate their learning experiences. Contemporary toy vending machines such as the ones supplied by our company for the last 20 years hardly have maintenance problems. This is one of the reasons why businesses trust our products and services. We service our machines on a frequent basis, ensuring that they are always working according to standards. They are always cleaned, refilled and kept in good working order.

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