Toys play a significant part in the life of children. Therefore, choosing the correct toy(s) is very important. Toys are to be chosen according to age, because we have to be cautious that toys do not hurt children. A child should understand how the toy is played. At planet games we believe that toys are vital extensions of a young child.

Toys stimulate children’s well-being. Toys have a major role in children’s play with one another and assist them grow in society. They are important tools that help foster the intellectual, somatic, expressive and public growth of children. In addition, they are the basic apparatuses for the advancement of children’s imagination, feelings and inspiration.

By playing with toys, children will be in a position to form a solid base for the practice of gaining knowledge. Playtime is exciting, entertaining and amusing. Children like to explore and ascertain novel things in their environment.

Jeffrey Goldstein from Utrecht University states that “recent developments in biology, psychology and neuroscience lend credence to the importance of play in human evolution and development”. Play might potentially be the foundation of society because it entails communication and collaboration between people playing various roles and following rules. Toys play an important role in education, business, medicine and improve the quality of life for children and adults. Advances in science and technology have expanded our knowledge of playing with toys.

The thriving of ‘cognitive neuroscience’ (the study of the interactions between brain movement, thinking and acting) has led to new knowledge into the significance of biology and the brain in play and toy preferences. Playing with toys is healthy is because it leads to positive emotions which in the long run will promote good health.

Toys can increase attention span and improve the efficiency of thinking and problem solving. They may help lower attention deficits and hyperactivity. Research shows that playing with toys during childhood is essential if humans are to reach their full potential. People who play with toys are more prepared to cope with hardships and find answers to obstacles they will later find in their way.

Hence, the quality of toys sold in capsules via vending machines highly contributes to a person’s growth as an adult. By playing with such toys, people through the years develop their mental capabilities and more easily adapt to new norms in the world. Human beings learn to more effectively deal with problems at both home and at work. They are ready able to instinctively take decisions and overcome difficulties of everyday life.

Taking these factors into consideration, we at planet games strive to offer people the best quality toys which will help them grow and develop better in society. We carefully select our toys according to their learning attributes and their level of interest. The aim is to educate children while at the same time raise their curiosity and build their imagination. When a child is curious he/she can more easily analyze problems. When a child builds his/her imagination can more effectively think out of the box and come up with solutions.

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